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The Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot and Vocational Education Centre JEDU

The Vocational Education Centre JEDU is the most important organizer of secondary vocational education in Oulu Southern region, and it also has significant role in helping develop the region. JEDU operates in seven different locations in Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Kalajoki, Nivala, Oulainen, Piippola (Siikalatva) and Ylivieska.

The Vocational Education Centre JEDU provides high-quality vocational training and education within 24 vocational upper secondary qualifications, 23 further vocational qualifications and 8 specialist vocational qualifications. The number of students in JEDU is over 3000 and the number of personnel is 350.

The purpose of VET is to increase and maintain the vocational skills of the population, to help develop the business and industry sectors and to respond to their needs of competent workforce. Vocational education is constantly changing and its content has been adjusted according to the demands of working life and to future prospects. Today, studying within vocational education is even more practical than ever before and is concentrated on developing the students’ knowledge and helping them gain working life skills in real work environments, in school or in companies. With our education programs, we want to offer our students the skills needed in tomorrow’s working life. We want to enable our students to become future experts on their fields.

Benefits of work-based learning for the student

Benefits of work-based learning for the workplace

Most students would enrol into vocational education and training through a flexible year-round admission system

The national joint application procedure organised each spring would be primarily for comprehensive school graduates and other people without any vocational qualifications.

After completing the compulsory nine-year basic education, young people can choose to continue their educational track either in general upper secondary education or vocational education and training. The latter of these comprises vocational upper secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications.

Instruction in vocational institutions is very practical and designed to satisfy the needs of the labour market. Work-based learning is an essential part of the studies. After completing a vocational qualification, a person may continue his or her studies in higher education.

Vocational education and training is publicly funded and mainly free of charge for the students (students must only pay for the textbooks and personal study equipment and materials).

Facts about JEDU

JEDU arranges training in the fields of

Specialties in JEDU

JEDU area

There are three sub-regions in the Jokilaaksot region and 14 municipalities with a population of just under 86,000. The area is located on the coast whose natural landscapes are characterized by a flat coastline with rivers flowing into the Gulf of Bothnia. The Jokilaaksot region has four beautiful seasons from warm green summers to white winters. Nature is clean and serene. Though Finnish and Swedish are the official languages, one can easily get along using English in Finland. Important things for Finns are nature, sauna and sports.

Enterprises, industry and agriculture

There are many small and medium-sized enterprises and dairy farms in the JEDU area. The companies operate mainly in the subcontracting industry and also manufacturing industry in the metal and wood branches. JEDU has good working relations with Centria University of Applied Sciences and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. JEDU is an active partner in development projects and co-operates with the working life in our region. Project cooperation is carried out for example with the Kerttu Saalasti Institute which is a regional unit of the University of Oulu.

International activities

The aim of the international activities of the Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot is to develop international educational and working life cooperation, to increase knowledge of different cultures, to obtain comparative data through joint projects and to develop education, networking and educational export.

JEDU is known for a high-quality, long-term international cooperation with partners in Europe and Asia. JEDU participates in the European Union ’s Erasmus+ program for vocational education and in Finnish National Board of Education programs promoting internationalisation and the quality of vocational education through international cooperation projects and exchange programs.

The Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot has been awarded with The Erasmus + VET Mobility Charter by the Finnish National Erasmus Agency.

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